Quicken Data, do I really own it if I can't access it?

Today I opened my local copy of Quicken and was prompted for my Quicken ID (email address & PW). I entered the correct credentials (verified by logging into the Quicken website), but the Quicken application took me back to its sign-in page. This happened repeatedly for 30 minutes. I reached out to Quicken support, but by the time I got someone on the phone after 30 minutes, the Quicken backend was able to verify my login and I was able to access Quicken and my data.

The supervisor basically told me this was intended behavior and that if I didn't have an active, verified subscription I could not view my data. That didn't make sense to me and doesn't agree with the Quicken Data Access Guarantee found here:

My issue is that I should be able to open the Quicken application and view my data without having to verify my identity with the Quicken backend period. That is the only way to be sure that the data is mine and I can access it. I understand that I need to verify my identity to be able to use OSU, bill pay, etc. but why would I need to verify my identity to view my own data?

If this is indeed true, then do I really own my data, or am I renting my own data from Quicken because I have to rent their software to view my data? Adobe, Microsoft, etc. all require subscriptions to create data these days, yet all allow me to access my data in a view only mode if I stop my subscription. Shouldn't Quicken function the same way?

Quicken? What's the official word?


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    FWIW, if you disable your internet connection, you should be able to access your Quicken data.
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    What version … Help —> About Quicken 

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