Problem Exporting Budget to Excel

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When I export a budget report to Excel, categories are not always the same as the categories of the transactions or as displayed in the report in Quicken. For example, instead of "Misc" the report will display "Education:Northwestern:misc".

Does anyone else have this problem?


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    Try this alternative when exporting to Excel.  I found that it preserves the formatting of both the Current Budget Report and the Annual Budget UI window.  Plus, it facilitates further Excel work without having to parse out all of the category formatting.

    When exporting, use the printer dialog button, select export to radio button and then select tab-delimited (Excel Compatible) disk file in the pull-down list.  Click export and save it to a file.  Image 1.

    It will be saved as a text file.   Right-click on the file and Open with Excel.  The imported file will be properly formatted as you see it in the current budget report.  Image 2.

    FYI,  If you use category groups and also want them to be exported, then don't forget to select category groups in Display>Organization in the report customize dialog (gear icon).

    Does this help?

    IMAGE 1

    IMAGE 2

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