payments to credit card account not posting in quicken transfer account

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I have entered a normal transaction from my checking to pay a credit card balance, but when I checked the cc account, the transaction was not posted. All account info was correct. I deleted and reentered multiple times, but the transfer transaction did not show up on my cc account, only the reduction I entered in my checking account. I then clicked the gear on the checking account transaction and selected "go to matching transfer" (ctrl+X) and it took me to the cc account and the transaction was then posted! What could have caused this?


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    Hi @rdc25,

    It is hard, if not impossible, for us to actually determine what may have happened (BTW - this is my opinion and others may have differing opinions about this).  The best I could do is to make educated guesses about what you experienced, which really won't help you.

    If this is a recurring thing, then I would suggest that you contact Quicken Support for assistance the next time you see this behavior. 



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