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At the beginning of every year, I create a Year End Copy Data File and start my New Year data file with transactions 1/1/XXXX.  The Prior years data File is automatically DeActivated.  I use Bills & Reminders.  I will look back at my Prior year data file to find information regarding last years activity and when I do so I see the Biils & Reminder Icon showing PAST DUE Bills, etc.  So even tho Last years Data File is De-Activated...this feature continues to populate last years Data file with Bills Due\Reminders Alerts.  I looked for away to turn this off...saw nothing.  Not that it has any real impact...other than annoying to see all the activity of Past Due, Upcoming, etc...is there some way to turn this off in the last years Data File...or, I must delete all the entries manually????


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    This is a long standing problem. The Year End Archive file may have been disconnected from the banks, but it is not a true archive file. When accessing the archive file, Quicken and the user can still make changes without being warned.
    and vote on it.
    Programmers really need to make changes to the Year End Copy process.
    Until they do, https://www.quicken.com/support/creating-year-end-copy-end-calendar-year should be updated to include the steps to manually delete all reminders, deactivate Scheduled Update and, optionally, set a Transaction Password on the archive file so that you can't enter new transactions by mistake.

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    Went to site and Voted.....

    User for 35+ plus.  Over this time I have found that unless its BROKEN...Quicken does nothing to fix or improve it.  Quicken over the past 7 years is more engaged in developing new rarely used...or functionalbe features so they can show software is chnaging.  Examples; for over 2 years, during OSU display background can go BLACK.  Quicken acknowledges this is a Known issue but its Low Priority which seems it means, it will never be corrected.  The software has become very slow to open and run...attention should be directed to identify cause and fix it ASAP.  Installing software not a fix for these 2 issues.  Even using a New Data file does not load or run software faster.  Maybe all this will be meaning less to me in the near future, with the termination of DC to the VERY SLOW, Unrealible and glitchy EWC+...my 35 yr+ may well be coming to an end.  To do dupicate entries...1) at Banks Online Banking 2) in Quicken...software is no longer a time saver
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