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I am on Mac OS Monterey 12.6.2, Q 6.11.3. The specific brokerage account is with Morgan Stanley (MS). 2 issues - 1. My current year balance reconciles to online MS balance. However when I run a net worth by year, in the prior years the balance is off by as much as 40% or several million dollars. I was able to reconcile ye 2021, however now if I do an as of 12/31/21, that Q balance is off by the 40%. In other words the balance reconciled but when I do an as of now for last year it is off. The discrepancy appears to be mostly with 1 holding, ALPHABET which does not have all lots entered, so I went back and added lots. 2) Once I added the lots for this account it blew up the entire portfolio. The Alphabet balance now shows correct lots but it added over 10 new accounts, most all of which with negative shares and balances. This has happened before, which is why I have not added lots. I tried to add lots about a year ago and it blew up the account also, so last I just restored to the old back up because the total account balance reconciles thinking I could live with issue as long as balances reconcile. Now I need to find a solution. I called Q support for issue #1, they were no help didn't investigate and just said set up a new account which scares me for obvious reasons. Therefore I tried inputting the lots to solve the problem which recreated problem #2. Any assistance would be appreciated.


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    I wish to update my initial post. Regarding issue 2) It seems the accounts it incorrectly added for some reason were holdings that had been transferred in from another brokerage and subsequently sold. I added in the cost basis and then deleted what appeared to be an auto share adjustment. This solved the issue regarding 2). However the prior year balances are still off. The reason for the huge over market valuation is that the price on several stocks are off by thousands of dollars. For instance in Q it lists the price for Amazon at roughly $3000/share when it should be in the $80-$100/ share. It seems since the stock shares added were not registering it was determining the stock price based on the reduced number of shares. For instance at 12/31/21 it showed only 59 shares when the actual balance was 1,180 shares. After I entered the cost basis the share at 12/31/21 are still correct but it is still utilizing the $3000/ share stock price. I looked at the price history and the price is highly escalated going back in time over 3 years. AssumingI need to make price adjustments. I see how I can do that for a date in time but not sure how to change the history? Is this the correct solution, and if so, how?