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The USAA download of credit card information is still broken after 2 months with no fix in sight! This affects net worth, expenditure forecasting and item tracking, to name a few irritations. Manually fixing this problem is probably [mess]ing up the files when (hopefully) this issue is resolved. And the longer it takes to resolve, the more work it will be to undo manual fixes.


  • sfaok
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    Quicken - this is totally unacceptable. I depend on this BASIC functionality to manage and track my spending.

    I have just had my annual subscription auto-renewed. What am I paying for? I'm going to ask for a refund because you clearly aren't holding up your end of the deal.
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    At this point, I'm questioning why I pay for a subscription. I mostly bank with USAA and Quicken has become useless for me. As a workaround, I exported my Visa transactions to excel. I'm using a 3rd party application to convert the excel file into a QFX, as exporting in a QFX format from USAA is not an option on the website. Then importing the QFX file into Quicken. This is a huge Pain. I've been a Quicken user since 2000 and I'm now looking for other options.
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    Found this in another thread, and it worked for me.

    After USAA instituted a new download link in Quicken recently, I've had a few odd behaviors. I finally had time to contact USAA Tech Support and was given the new, correct way to set up my Quicken downloads!
    First, go to
    Log in and you will be given an ACCESS ID and ACCESS PIN unique to your USAA account. You can print this out.
    In Quicken for Mac, go to one of your USAA accounts, such as checking.
    Click the Settings Icon in the lower right corner of the account information.
    In the pop-up, click on the Downloads tab. Click the "Change Connection Type" button. Select "USAA Federal Savings Bank - New" from the list of financial institutions.
    Select "Direct Connect." You can now enter the ACCESS ID and ACCESS PIN you just obtained from USAA. A popup will allow you to link the USAA account with your existing Quicken account. You may have to repeat this process with each Quicken account for USAA checking, savings, etc.
    Since doing this yesterday, downloads are expedited, without having to enter any onetime passcodes. Hopefully, it will also eliminate the other odd behaviors, such as the duplicate transactions.
    Let me know how this works out for you!
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