Creating a report with just Income or just Expense categories

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How do I create a report with just income or just expense categories? Quicken lets me create a category summary with Income followed by expenses, but it does not let me easily filter out one or the other. Quicken Mac 2007 had buttons for "Income Only" and "Expense Only" in the Select Categories dialog, but I don't see anything similar in the new Quicken, unless I'm missing something. I don't want to have to go through and manually filter Income or Expense categories when they're listed alphabetically.


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    First of all, do not use the old Category Summary report. It uses the old reporting engine, is being deprecated, and is known to contain errors. Instead, use the Transactions by Category report (under Popular Reports).

    Not sure if this helps, but after creating a report, you can click the v symbol to the left of the Income or Expense header. This will collapse that entire section of the report. You can't eliminate Income or Expenses, but you can get them down to one line in the report. That section will remain collapsed when you print the report.
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