Lost Manually Entered Security Prices in Version 46.12 Update

klechner58 Member ✭✭
After updating to 46.12, I have lost the security price history for securities where I manually entered the prices. In many cases, I have lost years of manually entered data for securities that do not have prices that can be automatically downloaded.

Has anyone else seen this problem? I can't update until this gets resolved.


  • markus1957
    markus1957 SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    I would restore a backup file from just before the update. That should bring back your manual prices unless the price history table is somehow corrupted, or this update has a weird bug. I didn't see an issue with manual pricing when I updated.
  • klechner58
    klechner58 Member ✭✭
    Thanks - It looks like the problem has been in my data file for a while so restoring from backup would take me too far back.

    I figured out that the update was only indirectly responsible - it must have done a file validate when converting for the new version. I was able to duplicate the problem by doing a validate using the version prior to the update and it caused the same issue. Validating the file renumbered the securities that were outside the normal range which also deletes the price history.

    I ran a price history repair which restores pricing from available transactions. Not a complete fix, but I have another machine where I installed an old version and data file that I can refer back to if I feel motivated to fix more of the price history.
  • m.waggoner
    I also lost manually entered bond prices, i could reenter only some prices, while others were not accepted in trying reentry. the prices were lost in 46.12 update
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