How do I add second manual investment account QFX

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I have two investment accounts at the same institution that does not connect with Quicken for Mac. I downloaded two separate QFX files but Q-Mac only recognizes them as the same account - whichever one I set up first. I tried deleting and reinstalling and again the two accounts are seen as the same by Q-Mac. How do I get Q-Mac to see the second account


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    I did a little experimenting and this should work ...

    You might want to try this experiment in a test data file:

    1) File > New, choose Start from scratch
    2) Double click (or use File > Import > QFX) on one of the two QFX files. Quicken should Import the data from the file, and create an account for that data. Just follow Quicken's prompts.
    3) Double click on the other QFX file. Quicken should create a 2nd account.

    At this point, you should have two accounts in Quicken, one for each QFX file that was imported?

    If not, then get back to us here and we can troubleshoot.

    If so, and everything appears to be as you would expect, then

    4) Return to your original Quicken data file: File > Open Recent ..., and chose your Quicken data file.
    5a) Disconnect both of your accounts for this institution in Quicken: select each account, then Accounts > Settings..., then click the Downloads tab, and then the Disconnect Account button.
    5b) Delete both of your accounts for this institution in Quicken (assumes there is no important data already in these accounts).
    6) Double click on each of the two QFX files, one at a time, and let Quicken import them.

    Hope this helps.
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