Memorized Payee Data Corrupted

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memorized payee "memo" field data is erased when you click on "edit". Also, sometimes the category field is also erased.


  • dtice1
    dtice1 Member
    When I click menus for "tools> memorized payee list" my memorized payee list contains data in the memo fields. When I click the edit button for a specific record, the editing form opens with an empty memo field. Clicking cancel retains the text in table view. Any type of edit replaces the memo field text entirely. I checked two different data files.
  • markus1957
    markus1957 SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    This is a bug. You should edit the title of the post to Bug Report- Memo Field in Memorized Payee List Fails to Display when Editing. 

    Please submit bug via Report a Problem. The more reports submitted the more likely it is to get fixed. I reported the following-

    Version R46.12. Tools>Memorized Payee List, when selecting an existing payee for editing with text in the Memo field, the Memo field is blank in the pop-up edit window and does not display the current value. If saved, the current value is deleted. If cancelled, the current value is preserved.
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