This screen"Quicken requires write access to documents in order to open them" came up and I've never

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This screen came and I have never seen it before. Everthing has been working fine just a day ago or so. I can't get in and Quicken support is non existent. Help Screen Shot 2023-01-14 at 3.02.36 PM.png


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    If you have not moved your data file, have not installed and update, and have not modified your system preferences, this would be really strange.

    Quicken does require access to your system.  Double check your System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy tab ... then select in the left column "Files and Folders" and verify whether Quicken is listed in the list of apps in the right column with access to your Documents folder.  (I've moved my QMac data file out of ~/Library and into my Documents folder where I can more easily find it, so had to add this permission.  If you've left your file in the default location, this shouldn't be necessary.)

    What version/build of macOS are you running and what version/build of QMac?

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    @WillyH Do you by chance have your data file stored in a location that is synced to the cloud (eg. Dropbox, iCloud Drive, etc.) iCloud can store you Documents and Desktop folders in the cloud. If you moved your file there, that could be an issue.

    Storing the Quicken file in the cloud is not supported and this is exactly the kind of error that can result. The quickest way to get back in business if this is the case would be to restore from a recent backup. 
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