Bug in projected balances vertical graph height, related to prior-period comparison plot

The previous period "comparison plot" feature is useful, but unfortunately it causes a visual bug when there is a large temporary transfer / spike in the previous period. In that case, the main projected balances graph is scaled to the size of the not-visible spike in the previous period, so it appears as a useless flat-ish line at the bottom of the graph, even thought the previous period comparison plot might not be selected / visible. That makes the comparison plot graph useless for a period of time, until the spike in the previous period rolls off.

Seems like the solution would be to re-scale the graph each time the "comparison plot" button is toggled, so the graph is not vertically scaled to invisible data.


  • Glad to hear I'm not the only one experiencing this behavior! So the assumption is being made that a one-time, recent transaction - such as an infrequent loan disbursement of $50K, for example - will happen again soon? Sounds like flawed reasoning... I agree - re-scale the graph for plots that are being hidden!
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