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When downloading my transactions the Balance is incorrect and I cannot download the transaction from 12 months ago. I created a new file same issue.


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    Hi @Jonst

    On your second issue - unfortunately the financial institutions set the limitations on the amount of historical data that can be downloaded.  However some also give a user an alternative to download and then import older data into Quicken, but I've only seen this with investments - not credit cards.

    On the issue of the "incorrect [account] Balance" being downloaded, that could be caused by a number of reasons. I suggest that your first step should be to determine when the difference first appeared (i.e. the timing of the difference) and then review the transactions in the period before that date.  Also, (because you cannot download transactions "from 12 months ago") I would suggest you look for transactions prior to that time frame.

    Let me know if you have any followups.


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