Stock Options tracking (2023+)? Maybe found a bug

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Version 6.11.3 (Build 611.47347.100), MacOS, 12.6.2

In general, I'm much happier without the Quicken/Win "Stock Option Wizard" because I have more flexibility when things like strike price changes.

Here's how I enter employee stock option grants, and I think I've found a bug.

1. Create an account for the grants
2. Create a stock that is the option. Give it a name that includes the grant name.
3. For each vesting event:
- Create an "Add Shares" transaction for the # of vested shares
- Create a "Payment/Deposit" transaction equivalent to -1* the strike value of the vesting
4. If you receive new grants, repeat (2) and (3).
5. As your company's valuation changes, update the current price for each security (1 for each grant you've received)

This does a great job of keeping the net to zero for each vesting event. And it shows the growth of the account over time as being the value of each vesting, less the strike price.

HOWEVER - and here's the bug. The Sidebar shows the full value of the grants over all time, instead of just showing as of today.

Has anyone else seen this? Thoughts? Are there better patterns for tracking ISOs/NQs?

If folks are interested, I can also post my patterns for RSUs. Much more complex.
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