Is anyone else having problems creating sub-categories?

In creating my budget for 2023 I decided I would like to further breakdown my existing "Miscellaneous" category. A few days ago I created some temporary/placeholder sub-categories. Today I tried to replace those with the subcategories that I would prefer to use.

Now when I try to modify a subcategory, the category field has been blanked out and the drop-down list of available categories appears to only include the income categories - and definitely does not include my "Miscellaneous" category. In addition, if I look at any of the other categories for which I have created sub-categories there is the same issue.

At least for now, the reporting seems to be fine - the subcategories appear on the reports under the appropriate categories even though the categories do not appear when you look up the subcategory in the category list.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Note: probably worth mentioning that I use almost none of the standard groups, categories, or sub-categories; I set mine up decades ago - before Quicken had any standard categories. I don't remember that ever causing a problem though.
Note2: Earlier today I did a Validate, and then a Super Validate to try to fix a reporting problem. That found some issues that I was not aware of (and that were not causing any obvious problems). If no one has a solution, I may revert back to the earlier version and see if that solves the sub-category problem.


  • hrosenharry
    hrosenharry Member ✭✭
    Yes, I just tried to add a sub-category on 1/31/23. Won't add. The list of categories only includes some categories and not most of the expenses.
  • JulieT
    JulieT Member ✭✭
    I set up catagories yesterday and many of them disappeared over night. They aren't showing up in Planning Budget either. Help desk said they have been having issues since January. Not good and very frustrating.
  • Ps56k2
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    Always helps to mention which version you are running … 
    .. Help —> About Quicken 

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    Try the suggestion in this post and read to the end of the thread.

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  • StanleyK
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    Concerning Frustrated123 post, I also encountered this issue. After some experimentation, when I was in the “manage budget categories”, instead of checking the main category and the sub categories I wanted, I only checked the sub categories, and not the main category. This seemed to fix the issue. The budget itself show each sub category individually (without the main category). But when I print the budget, the main category appears with the subs indented underneath.
  • mshiggins
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    It's possible there is a way around the problem, but since none of my Quicken files has the problem, I can't verify whether this will work.

    In the Category List, right-click the category you want to create a sub-category for. 

    In the resulting dropdown menu, select "New subcategory". The "New Category" dialog will open with the parent-category-to-be already selected in the "Subcategory of" dropdown. Then you can just enter the name of the new sub-category in the Category Name field and click OK.


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  • mbusbusiness
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    I don't create new categories very often, last one was probably last year.
    Today I'm trying to add a new one and have the issue reported above.
  • mbusbusiness
    mbusbusiness Member ✭✭✭
    So I went through this thread and tried some suggestions that didn't work.
    Weirdest thing, but followed Rocket J. Squirrels suggestion (above) and it did work:
    Try the suggestion in this post and read to the end of the thread.
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