Internet Access to Quicken is Locked

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  • corriveaurm
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    I am told that my internet access to Quicken is locked. How do I unlock i?
  • Frankx
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    Hi @corriveaurm

    Please give us some more information so that we can understand exactly what happened to your datafile any why it may have happened.

    Which version and build of Quicken are you currently running?  Please tell us the exact text of the message that told you that your "internet access is locked".  Was that a message from Quicken and if not - please provide more information that may help to understand what application sent it, and please provide the exact wording of that message. When, exactly, did you see this error message - e.g. when you tried to download data; or when you opened the Quicken datafile, or when you tried to enter transactions, or some other time?  Is your Quicken data file password protected?   Any additional information will help us to help you.



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  • rachelgomez
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    The three main problems that can prevent Quicken from accessing the internet are: Your web browser cannot establish a secure connection. Your computer has security and privacy programs, such as firewalls and pop-up blockers, that are not configured correctly. Your internet connection is slow or unstable.

    Rachel Gomez
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