Why has Quicken dropped the notice "Backup was successful" after each backup.

Dovey Member
The notice was very helpful especially when backing up to more than one location.


  • Frankx
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    Hi @Dovey,

    I am still seeing the backup success pop-up.  I can't say why you are not, and I have not seen other users indicating that they no longer see that pop-up.

    Please provide some additional details that may help us to sort this out.  Which version and release of Quicken are you currently running? did you make any recent changes that may have affected the backup process?  Assuming you are referring to the automatic backups at closing the Quicken datafile - are you sure that backups are actually being made? 

    Any other data or information will help us to help you.


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  • GeoffG
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    I believe you inadvertently selected the control setting to turn off this alert.

    You should be able to reset this here...

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