Fidelity Investments Cash Management account in Quicken 2022

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This discussion relates to an issue brought up by Jon Manson in November, 2022. I recently converted from Quicken Windows (25 year user) to Quicken Mac. For all those years, when downloading transactions from Fidelity, Quicken treated my checking account as a 'Cash Account' and accordingly placed it in the Cash Section under Banking. Quicken Mac, however, doesn't do that. For some reason it treats the account as a brokerage account and places it in the Brokerage Section under Investing. I understand the long standing reputation that the Mac version isn't as 'robust' as the Windows version. That not withstanding, isn't there a way to force or at least coax QM to properly categorize and process my checking account?


  • Jon
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    The only way to get your CMA to appear as a checking account would be to create a Checking account & enter your CMA transactions in it by hand, with no online updates. This will only work if you never purchase any investments in your CMA, since you can't enter those kind of transactions in a Checking account.

    If you try to connect your CMA for online access, it will have to be a Brokerage account & it will be listed in the Brokerage section of the sidebar.

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  • HankM
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    How disappointing. Just another reason why I stuck with the Windows version all those years. If a Fidelity cash management or checking account can be handled correctly in QW, the Quicken people should be able to make it work in QM. Thanks for your comments.
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