File Size Doubled After Sometime after Jan 4, 2023

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Some time after Jan 4, 2023 the size of my Quicken .QDF file doubled from 130MB to 260 MB. Other than normal updates from Quicken, I have not changed anything. My .QDF file size has been between 100 MB and 130 MB for many years. I have validated the file several times, rebuilt the investing lots and uninstalled/reinstalled Quicken, but nothing fixes it. I don't want to open a file version from earlier in the month since I would lose all of the interim transactions. Ideas?


  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    Try copying the file inside Quicken.
    File > Copy or Backup File... > Create a Copy or Template
    This is the only operation Quicken offers which rebuilds the internal database, and should leave behind extra junk. Unfortunately, you'll have to reconnect all online accounts because Copy disconnects them.

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  • MHemmy
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    It worked! It even fixed the multiple recurring transactions issue. Thanks!
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