Cannot start Quicken after latest update (cont'd)

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I have started this new thread because my previous one was closed! I just wanted to thank @Greg_the_Geek for his help with this problem. I took his suggestion of creating a new Windows 11 profile and that seems to have fixed the problem! I can now Open and Save the datafile without crashing. Performance for Open even seems to be noticeably better.

Unfortunately, the new account is causing new headaches mainly because of OneDrive, which I am not quite able to grasp yet, but which I expect to be able to work thru in the next few days.

Again, wanted to thank you for putting time into, and ultimately solving my problem. Sadly, it was more than Support was able to accomplish other than to identify a "memory leak" problem.


  • Greg_the_Geek
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    Unfortunately, OneDrive is enabled by default. You can disable OneDrive or move your Quicken data file to another folder. I would suggest C:\Users\<Username>\Quicken Since C:\Users\<Username>\OneDrive\Documents\Quicken is an OneDrive folder.
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    @Greg_the_Geek I think I've figured out OneDrive. Note that the problems it had caused were not related to Quicken, which now handles the datafile regardless of location without any problems at all. It has been a bit of a hassle to get my Windows environment (email, etc) back to "normal" but it is worth it to me as long as I Quicken is behaving again. So much of my finances are organized based on Quicken so the crashes were causing me major headaches.

    Cannot thank you enough for your diagnosis and fix!
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