Paychecks are entering automatically, with wrong amounts

uutdad Member ✭✭
My paychecks started automatically entering into my checking register, with incorrect amounts. I never had this happen until the last couple of months.

I always used to manually enter them, and I never changed any settings to automatically enter them. Anyone else have this issue?

This seems to be the almost the exact same issue described in this recent post:

I'm not sure why this discussion was closed, this is definitely an open issue.


  • uutdad
    uutdad Member ✭✭
    Bumping as I am sure there's got to be someone else with this issue. happened again today. My payday is tomorrow. Quicken is entering my paycheck automatically, the day prior, and the amount is completely wrong. Not even close. No way to rewind the date of the paycheck and enter manually, it now says next payday is in 2 weeks and it won't let me change that date.
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