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Regarding the recent America Movil spinoff (12/29/2022), how do you enter this in Quicken manually? I have my Fidelity statement, showing a distribution of shares in an "America Movil LE C.V. Ser L ADR Contra" equal to the number of shares of America Movil ADR originally owned (and so my holdings now include the same number of shares of both), plus a cash dividend from that new stock, but I'm a little confused about just exactly what happened and what to enter in the spinoff window (or if it'd be better to make some manual component entries). Looking up information about this spinoff online I keep coming up with a spinoff named Sitios Latino... Also, where can I get the cost per share info the Quicken window is asking for?


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    Online sources saying AM shareholders to receive 1 sh of this "Sitios Latino" stock for every 20 sh of AM. I had a 1:1 distro of this new ...LE CV Ser L... for every sh of my original AM stock. And there was very little price movement of AMX on the day of this distribution. My monthly statement makes no mention of this "Sitios Latino" stock either in terms of 'Activity' or 'Holdings'.
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    Specific information seems sketchy. The Sitios Latino spin-off was in August 2022.

    I did spot info about share classes being consolidated if approved by shareholders Dec 20. That seems more likely. Confirm with the brokerage. 
    If that is the case, the new shares replace the old shares 1:1. Two options in that case: a) Rename and reticker if needed the old shares to reflect the new name and ticker(?), or b) use Corporate Acquisition to have the new shares acquire the old. 
    Confirm details before progressing and keep backups handy. 
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