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Not seeing this sort option. Can you sort your reminder transactions by the cash account you use?

I would like to work with my reminders based on the cash account. That way I can enter them based on my actual cash flow. I know I can look at each individually. But I would like a column for "from account" so I could sort it that way if I want, not just by date, amount or payee.


  • Frankx
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    Hi @JMC1040

    the only options currently available for sorting Bill and Income Reminders are sorting by "next date" or by "amount" or by "payee", as you probably already know. From my experience, since users are usually looking at these items in advance of making payments that are due in the near future, most use the "next date".  The "Account to use field" (which is only a suggestion and can be readily changed as circumstances warrant), is not currently available as a sorting option. 

    If you'd like to suggest that such an additional option should be made available, you can suggest that to Quicken by posting a "Product Idea -Windows" at this LINK.  Those ideas that receive the most votes are considered by Quicken personnel for implementation in a future version of Quicken.

    I hope this helps.  Let me know if you have any followups.


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  • mshiggins
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    @JMC1040, have you considered using the feature to Show Reminders in Register? This feature enables you to see Reminders layered onto your register so you can see the exact impact of each Reminder on your future account balances. You can find the control for the feature in the account register in the upper right, it is a small clock icon.

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  • UKR
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    Alternatively, you could use the Projected Balances view under the Bills & Income tab. Properly customized, it will show you future scheduled reminders and the account used by the reminder.
    A similar view is also available under the Home tab. Use a Classic view (not the new Dashboard view) like My Money (or create your own classic view) to show Bill and Income Reminders.
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