Quicken for Mac is extremely slow

Ben Michaud
Ben Michaud Member ✭✭
I am running Quicken Premier Version 6.11.3 (Build 611.47347.100), on MacOS 10.15.7
In the past month or two it has suddenly become extremely slow. Every edit takes 10-15 seconds to complete. This is a new problem. My QuickenData file is 140 MB, and that directory is in Documents, which is connected to iCloud. I did have a report window open and hidden. I closed it and it is still slow. I just closed Quicken and re-opened it, and it did not remember where my data file was. Now my register looks different, as though all my settings were reset.


  • Ben Michaud
    Ben Michaud Member ✭✭
    Hmm. Actually, there was another register window open as well, and closing that one made things much better.
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