Eliminate "DEP" (QWin 2017)

I running Windows 10 (up to date) and Quicken 2017.

I have a number of scheduled reminders for deposits. Many of them after entry show the "DEP" value in the "Check #," however when I enter deposits manually, this is not filled in automatically. My preference is to never have this value entered, but I don't see a way to set this field to blank when creating a reminder. And yet some of the reminders to not automatically populate this field. I've been tinkering around to see if Quicken handles this differently depending on whether you create the reminder from scratch or from an existing transaction, but haven't been able to work it out.

Does anyone know how to prevent this field from being populated, or alternatively how to populate it with blanks, in a reminder?

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    IMHO, just ignore it. This seems to be something hard coded into the program when using Scheduled Income Reminders.
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