What happened to payment and deposit columns in checking register?

Andrew S in SF
Andrew S in SF Member
I installed the 6.11 update and when I went to enter a checking account payment, something didn't look right. I realized that my register, which used to have separate columns for payments and credits, had been reset to a single "Amount" column.

I know how to edit columns but all I could find were the poorly-named "Inflow" and "Outflow" categories.

So for the quicken folks:

(1) Please don't change user settings - if I had two-column format, it should stay that way (even if you're changing column names.)

(2) What was wrong with "payment" and "credit"?


  • Andrew S in SF
    Retracted. I realize now that I had accidentally clicked "Cash" instead of "Checking" and this was a combined register I don't ever use.
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