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How can I submit a request to add a brokerage site to the list of financial institutions that can be automatically linked?


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    Hi @JoeM123,

    I am not all that knowledgeable concerning how Quicken might decide (if they in fact do) which brokerages connect with the Quicken application. 

    I suspect that Quicken makes the offer (to a vast number of financial institutions) and the FI decides.  That being said, I think you could contact Quicken Inc. and ask them to add the broker that you'd like, but I suspect that it would be more effective for you to contact your Broker and ask them to take steps that will allow you to connect with Quicken, because it is the financial institution or broker who will enter into the Quicken contract, and your leverage is currently with your broker, rather than with Quicken.

    Let me know if you need clarification, or have any followups.


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