How do you speed this tortoise up?

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It appears that the program has to somehow 'consider' each of my keystrokes before responding with an action. What the hack is the hold-up here?


  • mcklaipm
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    I agree, this thing is very slow. Last update made the Security List take five minutes to load and then if you click on Hide security it takes a minute for each one. Did the file repair and validate but did not make a difference.
  • MontanaKarl
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    I wonder how old your computers are and/or what their specs are @jb-flying-f and @mcklaipm ?

    My QDF is over 185 MB (huge for a Quicken file) and contains 30 years of data... and I have instant response to keystrokes, security list (which is huge), etc.... And, I'm on a 7 year old Mac running Windows 10 in a virtualization layer which should make me slower than any recent PC...

    Perhaps an antivirus issue... or a virus issue?

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  • jb-flying-f
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    Thank you to MK for the suggestions. No, viruses aren't the issue, nor is it an 'old' computer. Running Win-10 on a recently upgraded desktop. This program was 4-5 times faster before I had to buy this annual 'membership' to use it. However, it still works okay, although it has a tendency to exit when I didn't ask it to, so I'll continue to use it of course.
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