Chase transactions do not download after change to EWC+

I recently received an Email update pertaining to the problem of Chase transaction not downloading into our Quicken registers. The update dated for January 14, 2023 came from Quicken Jasmine and it basically indicated that this problem was still ongoing with yet no solution in sight. The Support team will continue to work on the problem.

However, I'm here to report that after so many months of experiencing this problem with my Chase transactions, the problem has finally been resolved somehow. I don't know how it got resolved nor who's responsible for solving the problem. I just know that I'm now able to download all of my Chase Bank transactions into my Quicken registers with no more problems. I've been able to do this operation now for approximately the past 3 weeks or so. So, I just thought I should let someone know in case they weren't aware that the problem has somehow been fixed now.

Odell Boynes


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    I am glad your problem is reolved. I STILL have problems with the quicken?chase EWC+ connection. It works fine for a few days. A couple weeks or so later I realize that recent transactions are not cleared. I have to reset accounts, and it works again for a bit before stopping downloading transactions. I never receive any errors on updating. Many accounts also do not have notes at the top saying when the last time/date transactions were downloaded. I enter all transactions manually, and use one step daily. That way (I figure), if there are unauthorized transactions charged to any of my accounts I would be able to correct them sooner than waiting mon thly for a statement. Some of my accounts NEVER have issues with Quicken, but chase, elan, bank of america do, and I have to reset constantly. Quicken in the past try to tell me my problems are unique. Is this happening to anyone else??? I have used Quicken deluxe for decades and the problems become bigger every year.
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    I am unable to get Chase to sync at all. Does anyone know of something comparable to Quicken that would not have this limitation?
  • Me2023
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    More: I'm getting very close to dropping Quicken. If they are unable to solve this problem they are of little value to my needs.
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    Me2023 said:
    More: I'm getting very close to dropping Quicken. If they are unable to solve this problem they are of little value to my needs.
    Hello @Me2023 and @misterconcrete,   

    We are sorry to hear about these issues with online banking that seem to be ongoing. Thank you for looking to the Quicken Community for assistance.

    Unfortunately, given the nature of this issue, it will be necessary to reach out to Quicken Support. You can do this with the information provided in this link. They will need to document and troubleshoot this issue in greater details with the resources and tools uniquely available to them. I wish that I could provide a resolution from the Quicken Community, but this represents the next necessary step in addressing this issue.

    I hope that this is helpful, and feel free to reach out with any additional questions or concerns. 

    Thank you,

    Quicken Jared 
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