How in Quicken Deluxe 6.11.3 to get a report for tax man to match Quicken 2007 for Mac

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Quicken 2007: Activities: Reports: Category Detail: Customize: SHOW SPLIT DETAIL.
How to make this exact report in new Quicken Deluxe? I need Date, Account, Payee, Memo, Category, Amount. The memo most important so I can double check report before printing for the tax man.


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    In any report, if you right-click the column headings you'll get a pop-up similar to this where you can check what you want the report to display.  I think that's what you're looking for?

    Splits show up in the proper categories... but there is no split flag to let you know that a transaction is part of a split transaction.

    Finally, you have discovered the new "Tax" group of reports in case those are useful for you?

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    Thank you, I will check this out to see if I can get a match to Quicken 2007 reports.
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