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  • tnsprin
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    For me and from reports over the years, Tax Planner remains broken and has been broken for more than 7 years.

    By default it doesn't come up with numbers that even match what it shows on the same panel. If you correct the numbers it very quickly manages to forget them.

    Yes, Validate and Supervalicate have been done.

    I have had the problem open at least twice with support over the years and they duplicated it and sent it on to support, but never got any feedback or fix.

    I've attached some examples over the years but no longer can find any of the current community forums.

    current example after resetting plan in tax planner

    note first tax planner summary is very off.

    Note I am retired so first numbers should be coming from interest and dividends. it reports 0 but when you go to that page shows 0 above, but lots of interest in details

    pretty much errors on most pages.
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  • tnsprin
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    At r46.12 . year can be changed between 2022 and 2023

    However for me, as previously mentioned, never comes up with reasonable numbers that are remembed (assuming I correct them). Some numbers in has correct numbers in details, so if i switch from quicken data to user entered then back to quicken data it temporarily shows correct number. I do this for interest/dividends and ira distributions (these three are my income sources). Also do this for estimated tax payments. Currenly it is totall confused on some of my deductions (not showing some and showing large non-existent deduction for another not matched in details this year probably going with standard deduction). Sometimes I can get to the final summary before it forgets my corrections, and sometimes it forgets them before I get there. As said this has been going on for years for me and has been opened up at least three time with support. As least one time they asked for and I gave them a sanitized version of my database on which they said they had recreated the problem, but they never came back with a fix.
  • Wayne Daren
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    I agree with complaints about tax planner. A LOT more work is necessary to make it useable. After I set my preferences, if I leave and then come back to it, the program will change the preferences, such as reverting from budgeted to daily average.
    The summary can show me getting a sizeable refund, and then next time that I owe money. With an aging population, they need to streamline the RMD set up process. Handling of state income taxes should also be added. These fixes would be more useful than tinkering with the screens.
  • markus1957
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    Strange. Other than some screen refreshing issues after changing items, tax planner runs good for me with reasonable tax projections. I sometimes see an issue but rather than fight it, generally closing and opening the planner sets it right again. Once I did have to close Quicken and reopen it to get the planner to display the correct values.

    There's no single error that I can reproduce and I have a fairly lengthy list of scheduled reminders.
  • James White
    James White Member ✭✭✭
    Tax Planner has run mostly okay for me previously, but now (Feb2023) I experience the "forgetting" issue that folks are describing above. Every time I open Tax Planner, I have to correct the settings on my Salary and Taxes. It will remember this while Tax Planner is open, but as soon as I close Tax Planner, it forgets all my settings and reverts to whatever it pleases.
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