Windows Installation Wiped Web Application Data?

I have been using the web application for about a year and a half and decided to try out the desktop version today. Everything installed perfectly, I opened it up to start syncing my web data.... To my surprise, nothing came over. I then logged into the web application, and now all of my data is missing. It looks like I am starting all over again... no accounts, no budget, no categories... its all gone. I contacted support and they told me to backup using the desktop application... which does me no good... I need the data I had in the cloud to be restored. Has anyone experienced this or have any advice for how to recover my data...


  • Greg_the_Geek
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    Unfortunately, you started with Quicken on the Web. You need to start with Quicken on the Desktop and then sync to the web. I don't know why Quicken let's you enter data on the Web before creating a Quicken data file on the desktop. You'll need to start over entering data on the desktop. FWIW, most SU's don't even use Quicken on the Web or Quicken Mobile due to it causing data corruption.
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  • ben_987654
    Thank you for your help! In five sentences you have provided more information than any support I have received from quicken. I agree, it seems short sighted to allow users to unknowingly delete all of their data, a warning or a way to export would have been very helpful. Thank you again for your time!
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