TIPS how to correct in Qmac?

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We bought some tips over the past few months and I was having trouble getting my balances to match the online balance. Today I figured out the TIPS are wrong in quicken.  I think I see 2 things. 1) The accrued interest paid on buying the tip is not added to cost basis.  Schwab shows the cost basis as the tip and the accrued principle.  2) The market value of the tip on schwab is higher than on quicken.  It seems static on quicken.  I don't think it is increasing with the inflation factor and/or the market value?  Can anybody help me with a reasonable way to fix this so my values in quicken will be correct.  I did try going back to the original purchase on quicken and there is a place to add accrued interest, but it doesn't change the outcome. And it doesn't take care of the other issue - the market price.
thank you, Pamela
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