File NOT copied after File Not Copied (and shift next)

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Hi, It looks like I have some corruption, I was following a guide, FAQ: troubleshooting 101; step 2 - validate, I tried to make a copy of the data the standard way, it gave me a file not copied. I tried the "Shaft and Control" method and it looked like things were going correct, then it popped up "File Not Copied" - now I'm unsure what to do. I can do a standard backup still, should I try to validate file?


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    Hi @slipmat,

    If you can do a "standard backup" of your datafile, that should be a sufficient safeguard in case something happens and your main datafile is no longer working.  BTW - when you tried to "make a copy" of the file, was that within the Quicken application, or by using the Windows file copy.  If you didn't try both, you should try the one that you haven't tried yet.


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