Online Setup for Charles Schwab Account fails

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I try to setup online download of transactions for a single Charles Schwab Account in my Quicken database. When setting up the Download - either through account action or through "Add Account ..." - I am being asked to sign into my Charles Schwab account. Clicking on the button "Sign In", a browser window opens and XML content id being displayed (see attached screenshot). URL is; the error is essentially "Authentication Failed". I tried multiple times over two weeks, only to get the same response.

Background: I found that in November 2022 the size of my datafile almost doubled to about 400MB, probably in the context of an application upgrade (which I routinely do when an upgrade is offered), and it became very sluggish. Investigating a mitigation, I made a copy of the data into a new file, using Quicken's "Create a Copy or Template" function. This worked well; the file is back down to about 200MB, and the application is much more responsive again. I noticed that all files were no longer set up for Download. I could reconnect all Fidelity Investment files, but with above Charles Schwab file I had no luck. I already removed the "sharing" in my Charles Schwab account, so this should be essentially a "clean slate".

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    Have you tried different browsers?  I usually use a chrome based browser, shift to firefox if i am nervous or have issues.  My last ditch is with Safari.

    you might try creating a temporary quicken acct and just sync the schwab to it.

    I have 10 accts across 3 different quicken databases that i switch between. they all have separate logins/pw/etc.

    Was not fast, but i have sync across all 10.

    It did not work the first time, but my issue was permissions within the browser.

    Long time user, mac only, brand new to beta testing.  NOOB.  Allin on beta.
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