I would like to be able to select multiple transactions in a register window and see the average

cphilips Member
If I select a number of transactions in a register window currently, the status bar at the bottom shows the number of items selected and the total. It would be very nice to add a third value, the average of the total values of the selection. This would make it easy to sort transactions by payee or category, highlight all or some, and get an average cost. I know I can run a mini-report but this would be much quicker without leaving the registration window


  • TTSguy
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    Highlight the transactions you're working with in the register, then look on the bottom left for the total of those transactions, then you'll have to divide by the number of transactions to see your average.
  • UKR
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    Are you using a budget?
    If so, for each category you can see a popup window with the annual transactions, graphed by month and also showing an average for the year.
    In the budget's Annual view click the category you're interested in, click the graph icon next to the category name and you'll get this popup:

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