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We have 4 completely separate accounts.. separate data files. In lieu of transfers, we occasionally write a reimbursement check between accounts. How do we record a reimbursement so it doesn't appear as income?


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    Transferring between 2 data files?  I can think of 2 ways.  

    1.  Just enter the deposit and use the same account name for the category.  It will be a one sided entry and not go anywhere.

    2.  Set up a new account that is not an income account.  Like Transfers between files?

    What are you reimbursing?  If you paid an expense then the reimbursement should go to the same expense category to clear it out.  

    May I ask why you have these 4 accounts in 4 separate data files and not all in the same file?  

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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