Changing categories (Q Mac)

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For the past few months, my program has been changing my categories. After I download, I add/correct to the appropriate category, hit "reviewed". And, later I see that it has either gone back to the original -wrong- category added by Q or it is listed as "uncategorized." Extremely frustrating.


  • John_in_NC
    John_in_NC SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Hi, charlimcghee:

    This can be caused by a mismatch of your Cloud account and data file-especially if you use Mobile. A reset of your Cloud database should help. No data will be lost, you will simply upload a fresh copy of data from your desktop:

    Launch Quicken, and from the menu, choose: Quicken:Preferences:Connected Services. In that dialog box, click on the option to Reset Cloud data. 

    Make any changes/corrections to your categories as needed. Upon your next sync(s), those changes should be preserved.
  • vlnielsen
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    How do I do this from my PC for Quicken for Windows?
  • charlimcghee
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    Thanks. Turn out there WERE some "renaming rules" that needed to be corrected.
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