What happened to the Reports and Graphs Center?

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Seemed like there used to be an option to create customer folders for reports. I can find several references to it online but do not see it in the software.


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    What you are looking at is part of Quicken for Windows.
    These features are not available in Quicken for Mac. Sorry.

    Are you new to Quicken Mac (2015 and newer)?


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    As @UKR noted, custom folders is a feature of QWin.  All of your saved ('memorized') custom reports in QMac will appear under the group "My Reports".  One thing you can do if you have many saved reports that need to be grouped is to simply prefix them with what you would, ideally, have liked the folder name to be.  Then at least all related reports will appear together in the list.  For example:

    Spending.Utilities by Month
    Spending.Streaming Services

    etc.  The down side of this, is that the extra prefix will show up in the title of the displayed report... which may well be undesireable if you are printing.  So...

    Alternatively, you can begin the Description field with the group name... since in the Report list, you can sort by the Description as well as Report Name (etc).  Then the report name will display as desired in the report itself, yet you can still sort to see groupings.

    You can right-click a report in the Reports tab > My Reports and select "Edit Description..." to add the prefix tag as described above to group your reports.

    (Yes, this is a workaround for folders, but hopefully it helps for now.)

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