How to mark all transactions in all accounts as 'reconciled'.

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I'll throw this out for what it's worth.  For purposes of exporting all my data from 36 annual files to QIF for import to a database system, I wanted to get all transactions marked as 'reconciled'. The process I believe is working for me is:

Backup your QDF file first.  

Open the QDF file in Quicken.

For 'Banking' and 'Property and Debt' accounts:

In the Accounts column, select All Transactions.  Then in the detail view, select:

All Accounts, All Dates, Any Type, All Transactions.
Click on the first transaction row to highlight.
Scroll to the last row
Shift/click on the last row to select all.

Right Click in the middle of the selection and  in the popup box select 'Reconcile' and in the popup select  'Reconciled'.  The Clr column should change to "R" for all transactions.

For 'Investing' type accounts:

For EACH account in the list, click the account to open the 'register'. 
Click the GEAR icon in the upper right corner and select Reconcile in the dropdown list.
In the popup window, enter the Ending Cash Balance from the register, and enter the last date to be 'reconciled' (usually the date of the last 'transaction' in the register OR the End-of-Year date for the file).  

This will open the usual reconciliation popup.  

Select Mark ALL at the bottom of the popup and the  click Done.  The Differnce field should show 0.00.  All transaction in the 'Register' will be flagged as Reconciled.  

Now when exporting the QIF, I select all five options to be sent to the QIF file and I believe I get as much data as possible from the QDF.  


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