New account fails to correctly online reconcile (no uncleared items to reconcile message)

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I have looked at all discussions on this error within the community and believe it is a software issue but am wondering if anyone has the same issue of late.

I recently added a new credit card account and successfully added online downloading and checked "reconcile online".

When a transaction is downloaded, a "c" is put next to the matched transaction.  Upon completion, the "done" button is selected and the "c" never turns to an "R".  The message "no uncleared items to reconcile" occurs.

I have:
1. Deselected the online reconcile function and reselected it
2. Deactivated the online functionality with the account and reselected it
3. Validated the file
4. Deleted the account and re-loaded the account

The same issue exists.  I've noticed if I take a single previously manually reconciled transaction and clear the "R" and attempt reconciliation, the reconciliation page comes up with the single transaction available to select "R" but the balance agreement is off.  The balance behaves as if the newly "c" transactions are really "R" -reconciled, and not even listed in the page even though I did not reconcile them (newly matched from download and accepted hence "c").

Additionally, when I receive the message "no uncleared items to reconcile", if I move the message box, there is another message box that is smaller and all black stating "sorting transactions" and remains.

I do not believe this is file corruption as I've validated and repaired, deleted and started over.  I believe this a software issue and have reported it multiple times.

Anyone else have an idea?


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    Here is an image file showing what is going on with this error for further elucidation. 
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    This problem still exists.  I received a new statement and reverted to back to manual reconciliation with a statement.  It took a lot of time clearing previous "R" and "C" in the date range to ensure accuracy but it worked.  I am half tempted to try checking "reconcile with online balance" again to see if it would work while I have so few newly downloaded transactions, but I'm leery.  Anyone have any clues?  I see enough threads on this but no single fix.
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    Is the online balance shown at the bottom of the account register correct?

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    It is and they have agreed with cleared transactions in the past which assured me things should work with reconciliation using online methodology.  That said, I found that after performing a manual reconciliation to a statement, unchecking all previous "R" and "C" transactions within the statement date and crosschecking against those statement transactions to accept, the difference worked to zero and the manual reconciliation worked.  The next day, I did a download, accepted to a cleared transaction, then turned on online reconciliation and it worked.  Whew, this was a painful, long process to correct.  I thought it would be easy with a new account, but it required a couple clean manual reconciliations.  
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    Well, as it turns out, this is still not working. I believe you must accept the opening balance and then work from there despite duplication of some payment information. This is what just happened to USAA under the new download technique used. Only had a couple of transactions to resolve there so it was easy to figure out, and required a restore. See how I can use this to an existing account with a couple hundred transactions, ie starting from scratch.

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