Anyone know what is going on with Quicken lately?

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I have used quicken for years without hardly any problems, but lately..what a pain. Some downloaded transactions do not match to what is clearly the same transaction, and when I go to match manually, that transaction is not even shown. Another issue it keeps saying the online balance does not balance to quicken balance. I even downloaded every transaction last year from my bank and quicken, and they totally balanced. I had to let it do a balance correction again today. I am going t have to look for an alternative if this keeps up.


  • Mark Dunham
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    I also am having problems with downloading from Wells Fargo.
    The online balance does not agree with end of month bank statements.
    My totals in the Quicken program match the statements, but the online balance is way off.
    Quicken has a math problem when it comes to the download. My balance is much more than the downloaded account
  • Frankx
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    Hi @Mark Dunham,

    Other Quicken users have indicated that Wells Fargo is now including pending transactions (i,e. - transactions that have been presented to the bank but have not yet been "processed") in the "online balance" that appears at the bottom of the screen in Quicken.  I suspect this is what you are seeing.  If not, please provide some additional information.


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