Paycheck Corruption Problem

JayJ Member
It is unbelievable to me that Quicken corrupts the paycheck data and their fix is to go back and redo all the data entry by hand. [Removed - Disruptive/Rant]

You need to create a patch or a tool to fix the corrupt paycheck data!

The quality of the product has gone WAY down in recent years -- I find bugs all the time with Quicken, not mention it is getting insanely slow.


  • skotyk
    skotyk Member
    I totally agree with your statement. I have gone through and reentered the paycheck income reminder on several paychecks and the next day I opened in income reminder to see the total dollars displayed were set to zero. If I select the income reminder to edit a single instance, it displays the split entry dialogue box without any entries instead of the paycheck dialog box. If I select edit all instances, it bring up the paycheck screen with the correct information. When I exit the paycheck screen, the current instance an future instances accurately display the correct net amount. a few days later it will return to zero. These entries also will not automatically match the corresponding downloaded deposit. Although it will prompt me to link the two entries, the entry with the paycheck details will just disappear from the check registry.

    I am also extremely frustrated with the decline in quality of the Quicken application.
  • Wahlytm
    Wahlytm Member ✭✭
    Current "Paycheck" split data is being reported on all past paycheck transactions in history. The split data for December 2022 paycheck transactions is being reported as far back as 2007 (earliest in my records). The actual transaction net amount is unchanged....the calculated split net amount does not agree with the net actual transaction amount. Most historical reports grab the erroneous split amounts.
  • Patrick Bimonte
    Patrick Bimonte Member ✭✭✭
    I'm having a similar issue, whenever I update my transactions, my paycheck total decreases by several hundred dollars in the future transactions, if I open and close the "Edit This and All Future Transactions" selection, the total returns to the correct amount until the next time I update.
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