Recording of transactions involving money market mutual funds

kesgardner Member
edited February 2023 in Investing (Mac)
A few days ago, I bought shares in a money market mutual fund. Quicken did not recognize or record the transaction, neither from my download nor after I typed it in manually. My dashboard shows only my other investments and "cash" -- without deducting the purchase price from the cash component. Is this a feature or a bug, and how do I fix it so that I can see the MM mutual fund separately? Thanks.


  • By accident, I found the answer to my own question: a Quicken alert to the effect that this behavior with this particular mutual fund is by design because of how Quicken connects with this particular brokerage. I would still prefer to see it on Quicken as what it actually is: an investment in a money market mutual fund, for both tax and personal finance reasons.
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