Downloading transactions from Bank of America Bill Pay into Quicken

Are there any plans to fix this problem with scheduled transactions in Bank of America Bill Pay no longer writing to Quicken? Having to double enter all this information is a royal pain. It is error prone and a waste of time, too. I understand Bank of America not wanting to accept transaction from Quicken into Bill Pay. I am talking about transactions flowing from Bank of America to Quicken.


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    Unlikely. If you want the bank to send uncleared future transactions, you'd have to ask the bank. Then what happens when a transaction clears? The transaction would already be there so couldn't be downloaded again.

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    Randy - what you are asking about was the :"colateral damage' of the introduction of "EWC+" communication protocol.  Only cleared transactions are available.  By definition, BillPay transactions have not cleared yet (no different than writing a old fashion paper check that has not been cashed).  

    and if you think about it (and I posted a lot about this some months back), BillPay itself is a declining technology.  There are so many other ways to pay bills than 25 years ago when BillPay was introduced.  There are now plenty of options to pay with a credit card / debit card, auto debit, Zelle, etc.  

    Personally, 20 years ago, I probably used Bill Pay 4-6 times per month.  Now, if I use it once every 3 months, it's alot. 

    THere is just little incentive for the Bank to build out the technology to accomodate BillPaity via EWC+ to download to QUicken.  Also, and it may be a function of the common "pipes" all the financial institutions use,  appears that the same issue exists at other institutions that have migrated to EWC+

    question: why are you writing so many checks via Billpay? is it time to shift with the times? 

    PS BillPay FROM Quicken to BoA is a non-starter....EWC+ only works in one direction (Bank to QUicken)

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