Does anyone have Quicken 2007v.16.0, so I can convert my Quicken2003v.12.0.4-R5 files on my iMac?

If this message gets to Ron Roberts, I've just read the thread you were involved with in October 2021, and I'm wondering/hoping that you might still have Quicken for Mac 2007 v. 16.0 that you had back then. I've been running Quicken 2003 on my old iMac using OS 10.6.8 for 20 years, and would now like to have the ability to open old files, if needed, on my fairly new Mac mini running OS 13.1 which has the current Quicken streaming version which will not convert a Q2003 file. I must first convert my Q2003 file to a Q2007 v. 16.0 file, which can then be converted to a usable file in the current Quicken streaming version. Thus my need for Quicken 2007 v. 16.0. If you still have it, would it be possible to get a copy from you either on a flash drive or CD/DVD? I'd be happy to compensate you a reasonable amount for your troubles. Thank you for getting back to me. [email protected]
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