Investing tab not showing "Enter Transaction" button

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Hello, can someone please help me. I have four investing accounts. When I click on three of the accounts I have the option to enter transactions but under one account it only goes directly to the dashboard. So I am not able to enter in new transactions for this investment account. (registered retirement plan)


  • q_lurker
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    Edit the account details.
    Change the setting to be Complete rather than Simple.
    If you know you never want that Simple option, you might want to Edit / Preferences - Investments -- Uncheck the box that enables Simple investing.  
  • UKR
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    Is that 4th account set to "Tracking Method: Simple"?
    To switch back to a detailed register right-click the account name in the Account Sidebar, select Edit/Delete Account. In the Account Details dialog look for the Tracking Method box. Click "Complete: Positions and Transactions". Click OK and you should now have your register back.
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