Annoying time-wasting snap-back-to-top line item after calculating an annual average on budget

After using the calculating an average annual by month tool & accepting it into the budget category line (no matter where in the budget), Quicken always jumps back to the very top category line item of the budget. So if you're working through many line items of a new budget you constantly have start over and scroll down to where you last made an entry. If you have many categories to budget, this process is a real time killer and creates room for budget errors or missed categories. Can't the programming be changed to either stay at the same category just entered or move one category line below for the next entry or review? Rather than return / jump to the top category?


  • Joyfulskip1
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    Same issue and it is definitely a waste of time and leaves room for errors.
  • UKR
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    I concur. It would be nice if the Budget view remained on the category last worked with instead of jumping back to the top.
    Until the programmers get a round tuit :smile: and fix it, how about this workaround?
    In the category's Budget field where you want to make the change, enter the new monthly average amount. You can enter a calculation, e.g., 1000/12 [press Enter] if you know you want to budget $1,000.00 for the year. Divide by 12 for a monthly average.
    Click the category's gear icon to apply [xxx] budget forward to the end of 2023 or apply [xxx] budget to all of 2023
    This method keeps the budget view positioned at the last used category.
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