Mistakenly Locked Out Of My Account

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On 11/23/22 I successfully renewed my Quicken Deluxe subscription. My expiration date in the "My Quicken Account" window correctly update to 2/28/24.  At this time I noticed that the information in the "About Quicken" window incorrectly said my subscription was Premier not Deluxe with an expiration date of 1/30/2023 (Yesterday).  I contacted telephone support at that time and was told not to worry about it.

Today, upon launching the application, I was greeted with the "We're sorry your subscription has expired" window.  I called support and they were unable to do anything.  I was told to call back after 8:30 AM to have the case sent up to escalation.  I did this and was told this was an ongoing problem for which they have no estimated time for a solution.

I apologize for the lengthy rant, but at this point I am beyond frustrated.  First of all every call to support is a 30 min wait on hold.  Secondly, I have paid for this software which is being disabled by Quicken. I really don't know what to do at this point.  Any advice would be appreciated.

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    A temporary fix seems to have been applied in the last few minutes.  Sorry it came to late to delete the earlier post
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