Not much luck deleting Saving Goals

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On another thread that got moved to enhancements I was told that when deleting saving goals I would be prompted to remove transactions, that isn't happening.  Tried to delete saving goals after doing a year end copy archiving all but last 3 years.  After that I did a Super Validate and all was well.  I went to accounts, edit and clicked on delete the saving goal.  All it wanted is for me to type in YES, it didn't prompt to remove transactions.   Above where it wanted me to type yes it said that "This will change all transfers to or from this account to transfers [unspecified account]. Do you really want to do this?  

I typed yes and it ran with the arrow cursor blinking like crazy, still running after about 10 minutes and message Quicken not responding.  Then Quicken screen went completely black. I finely killed it with task manager and restored from backup. 

The saving goals would have had lots of transactions-lots!   Maybe Quicken can't delete (really change to unspecified) for that many transactions? 

Then after thinking some more, why delete saving goal account if they are still going to be there as unspecified transactions????   I wanted them out of there and a cleaner  slimmed down file.  I am just OCD on keeping clean files trimmed down to just what I need and not a lot of junk of no value.

Is this a problem that Quicken has issues deleting large saving goals?  Is there really suppose to be a prompt to delete transactions or do they just go to unspecified (which seems really stupid)?  Why do they call it deleting when it really only modifies? 



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    In a quick test, I find that deleting the savings goal account does delete all transfers into that goal (account).  The note about Unspecified account is not applicable for Savings goals. 

    That makes sense to me. A savings goal 'contribution' is not really a transfer of assets from one account to another.  It is simply earmarking part of that real world account for some possible future use. 

    The YEC could take a better path consolidating prior contributions predating the cutoff into one contribution, but I can see that would also constitute a more creative solution that programmers have time for. 

    I think you need to be more patient with the account (goal) deletion process, and then if desired recreate the goal in the shortened time frame file.  Just because Windows says the program is not responding does not mean Quicken is not laboring away.       
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    I think you are right.  I have a good backup so I tried again and the first S.G. which was very active went quickly, just a few seconds.  So did the second S.G delete.  Then on the 3rd (which was a small not used much S.G.) it started that cursor blinking like crazy (with a little hand also blinking) and Quicken not responding.  Quicken main screen even went complete black.  I let it run and it took a long time, but finished.   I thought maybe just restart Quicken as buffers were full or something and it doesn't make a difference.  Sometimes the delete went super fast on large use S.G. and sometimes took long time.  

    Some account amounts changed as I did a printout of home page before deleting.  This issue of amounts were someone in this households fault.  I was able to find the differences and looks like S.G. amounts were transferred to accounts that were not the parent which populated S.G.

    Also, had some transactions back in 2009 with category of "unspecified account" that were not deleted.    But then I did so much I think maybe those weren't deleted during the copy to only keep 2019 data forward? 

    Anyway, I restored file and doing nothing for now and may start over next year entering accounts with starting amounts from old file to a new file.   Save the old for a few years in case needed for tax issues. 

    My file does come out with no errors when I did a Super Validate. 
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